COVID-19 & What We're Doing

Learn about what Queen of the File is doing to prevent the spread of covid-19 and the new protocols and disinfection enhancing wer're enforcing. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Strict Hand Washing & Sanitizing

It will be mandatory for clients to wash and sanitize hands before entering the spa and staff before and after every client, and entering and exiting the studio.


Enhanced Levels of Disinfecting  

Just when you thought we couldn't do anything more to clean and sterilize the studio more, we've done it. We've upped our times for disinfection and elimited ALL risks of any potential spread.


Proper Protective Equipment 

We've implemented mandatory face maask wearing, face shield covers, and gloves at the spa. Clients will be asked to wear a mask before they come as well.


Plexiglass Installation

The manicure table has had plexiglass installed, and face shields have been ordered to protect clients and staff when plexiglass is not an option.


Furthered Education

Queen of the File takes all outbreaks and viruses seriously, so when it comes to understanding them the education and training is enhanced and verified, to know that all staff understand how the virus works and the severaty.


Time  to disinfect  

We understand that disinfection take times, so we've created bookings and appointments to work around adequate time for these measures.

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